Toyota 2.8lt Remapping

The 2.8lt Toyota motor is factory fitted in the Hilux, Prado and Fortuner.

Although only a small capacity engine, they are well worth the remap!

Get more from your new Toyota!

They’re a house hold name – the Hilux has been an Aussie icon for many many years. Recently Toyota have moved away from the 3lt 1KZ motors, now fitting the 2.8lt 1GD engines to the likes of the Hilux, Prado and Fortuner.

Although a great little motor, with a custom remap we are able to generate more torque and more power, helping with towing, day to day driving and fuel consumption.

Remaps for the Hilux, Prado & Fortuner are priced at $1195.00.

NEW! Transmission remapping!

You spoke – and we listened!
After a heap of research and development, we can now remap the automatic transmissions in the Hilux, Prado and Fortuner!

We now have the transmissions up shifting earlier, and holding gears like they should! We also have the torque converter clutch engaging earlier in 4th 5th and 6th. As you could imagine, this too, has a huge impact on towing capabilities fuel economy and every day driving.

Transmission remaps for the Hilux, Prado and Fortuner are priced at $500.00

For any inquiries or to discuss further, or to make a booking please give us a call.