Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series

One of Toyota’s hardiest models – the 70 Series is as tough as nails and has a proven history of being a strong & reliable work horse.

But what if you want more?

More torque, more power!

Are you a little under-whelmed by your 70 series? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. These guys boast a 4.5lt V8 turbo diesel, but as we have discovered, are very under-powered from factory.

Would you believe us if we said we can safely increase the torque of your 70 series by between 60 – 80%? No that’s not a typo. We will completely transform your cruiser!

When upgrading your 70 series, a good brand heavy duty clutch is a must! The standard Toyota clutch simply cannot and will not handle the extra torque delivered by a remap. Also required is a good flowing, forward facing snorkel. The Toyota mushroom type snorkels can be quite restrictive!

Unleash your 70 series today with one of GPD’s custom remap packages below.

Clutch & Remap Packs


NPC Heavy Duty Pack; organic heavy duty clutch kit with billet flywheel & custom GPD remap.

$3400.00 inc drive in drive out!


ACS Heavy Duty Pack; heavy duty clutch kit (re-use original flywheel), flywheel machining & GPD remap.

$3200.00 inc drive in drive out!


Forward facing snorkel intake – $140


DPF Model VDJ79