Exhaust & Remap Package

If you’re towing heavy loads (2.5 tonne +) we highly recommend our exhaust and remap package.


Exhaust’s aren’t just for sound, they are also a vital part of having a happy healthy diesel.

Few things will damage a diesel motor as severely as excessive exhaust gas temperature (EGT). Whilst we all know diesel motors are renowned for being hardy and almost indestructible, things can take a turn for the worst if EGT’s are allowed to get to high.

An easy and safe way to ensure EGT’s are kept low is with the installation of a good quality high flowing exhaust.

When manufacturers design their exhaust systems they don’t necessarily have performance in mind. Most of this has to do with things like cost saving and emissions regulations. Factory exhaust systems are generally mild steel, narrow, restrictive and cheap.

So, an aftermarket exhaust is usually the first change our customers make to the diesel four-wheel drives.

A good quality, high flowing turbo back exhaust will increase power and fuel efficiency by letting your motor breath and work more efficiently.

So what does good quality look like? Stick to name brands, people that make and produce their own systems, systems that are heavy duty, corrosion resistant or made of good quality metals and include high flow mufflers, cats and utilize mandrel bends.

Here at Geelong Performance Diesel we recommend and fit Pacemaker’s King Brown systems. These are a heavy duty 3″ system,  perfect for touring or off road action, and fit right every time!


Exhaust & Remap from $2500.00

(Excludes 200 Series Landcruisers)


Nissan Navara D40 2.5

Isuzu DMax 3.0

Mitsubishi MN Triton 2.5

Ford Ranger PX 3.2

Toyota Hilux KUN26

Holden Colorado RC