What Is Diesel Remapping?

Diesels simply aren’t the dirty, un-refined vehicles they used to be.

Today’s diesel vehicles are becoming more and more common place due to their reliable nature, excellent towing capabilities, all round performance and improved fuel economy...But they can be better!

Let's Break It Down..

The process of ECU remapping on common rail diesel engines involves modifying the vehicles computer. This is achieved by first reading the factory file from your vehicles ECU. We then perform the complex task of analysing and then modifying key maps from within the factory file, such as fuel quantity, injection timing, turbo boost pressure and torque limiters.

By fine tuning these maps we are able to massively increase power and torque with no detriment to reliability. The most noticeable changes felt include; increased torque, increased power, increased towing performance, better fuel efficiency, better shift points through the auto transmission, and over all smooth effortless driving.

Here at Geelong Performance Diesel we do our own research and development in our state of the art all-wheel drive dyno facility. Having over 22 years’ experience in performance tuning we understand no two vehicles are the same, that’s why we custom tune every single vehicle.

To Accessorise Or Not?

We also understand the importance of aftermarket accessories, and how important it is that these compliment not only your driving style, but your life style to.

Heading away? Beginning your tour? Towing a work trailer? Towing a caravan? Carrying heavy loads? Not sure where to start, or who to trust? Not to fear!

Our experienced tech’s can offer expert recommendations on leading brand products to enhance your vehicle, then install, and remap to suit – offering a complete drive in drive out service! Jump over to our ‘Servicing’ page to find out more!

Already upgraded your vehicle? No worries – we can still remap it!

What About Cost?

So you’re interested and you’d like to know, how much will this set me back? Click here to view our current price list!